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The hip and colorful district of Montreal.

The plateau is bordered to the west by Saint-Laurent boulevard, to the east by Saint-Denis street, to the north by Mont-Royal avenue and to the south by Sherbrooke street.


Plateau-Mont-Royal Art galleries

Articule Incorpore ( MILE-END )

Articule Inc. ( MILE-END )

262 Fairmount Ave. west
Montreal, QC

H2V 2G3‎ »

Galerie Bernard‎

GalERIE Bernard‎

3926 Saint-Denis Street
Montreal, QC
H2W 2M2‎ »

La Centrale Galerie Power House

La Centrale GalERIE Power House

4296 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, QC
H2W 2R2‎ »

Centre Clark

Centre Clark

5455 de Gaspé Ave. #114
Montreal, QC
H2T 2A4‎ »



PO Box 320 Branch C
Montreal, QC
H2L 4K3‎ »

Galerie D'Avignon‎ ( MILE-END )

Gallery D'Avignon‎ ( MILE-END )

102 Laurier Ave. west
Montreal, QC
H2T 2N7‎‎ »

Frame & Canvas‎ ( MILE-END )

Frame & Canvas‎ ( MILE-END )‎

220A Bernard Street west
Montreal, QC
H2T 2K4‎ »

Galerie D'Art Gala‎( MILE-END )

GalERIE D'Art Gala‎ ( MILE-END )

5157 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, QC
H2T 1R9‎‎ »

Galerie Graff‎

Graff‎ Gallery

963 Rachel Steet East
Montreal, QC
H2J 2J4‎ »

Mekic Inc‎

Mekic Inc‎

4438 de la Roche Street
Montreal, QC
H2J 3J1‎‎ »

Galerie Mile-End‎( MILE-END )

GalERIE Mile-End‎ ( MILE-END )

5345 Du Parc Ave.
Montreal, QC
H2V 4G9‎ »



4001 Berri Street
Montreal, QC
H2L 4H2‎‎ »

>Occurence Galerie d'Art Contemporain‎ ( MILE-END )

Occurence Gallery d'Art Contemporain‎ ( MILE-END )

5277 Du Parc Ave.
Montreal, QC
H2V 4G9‎ »

La Galerie du Plateau‎

GaLERIE du Plateau‎

3945 Saint-Denis Street
Montreal, QC
H2W 2M4‎

Galerie Simon Blais‎ ( MILE-END )

Gallery Simon Blais‎ ( MILE-END )

5420, Blvd. Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC
H2T 1S1‎‎ »

Galerie Yellow Fish Art‎‎

Gallery Yellow Fish Art‎‎

3623 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, QC
H2X 2V5 »